The Sunseeker BBC documentary 2016

Over the course of the past year, BBC cameras have been shadowing Sunseeker to gain an insight into the world-renowned marine brand. The blue chip film is called  'Britain's Biggest Superyachts: Chasing Perfection' and is available on BBC iPlayer until 15th May.

The film showcases various areas of the brand from the apprentices first days in the iconic Sunseeker shipyards in Poole, to time with legendary founder Robert Braithwaite. The Sunseeker London Group which encompasses 25 offices throughout the UK and Mediterranean is prominently featured throughout and we meet the charismatic David Lewis and Christopher Head who head up this dynamic company.


Viewers will come away with a real insight into what it takes to sell a magnificent Sunseeker yacht and of course, both the Cannes and Southampton Boat Shows feature heavily due to being the most lucrative sales period throughout the boating season. Sunseeker London Group's Lindsay Hutchinson also gives viewers a sneak peek into her busy role overseeing commercial operations on the French Riviera which further demonstrates the very special relationship that is built between the Sunseeker family and their discerning owners.

Directed by Christian Trumble, this fascinating programme will give viewers a rare glimpse into this leading British luxury brand and show how hard work and diplomacy mixed with passion and enthusiasm have combined to create a recipe for success through challenging economic times.

David Lewis, Managing Director of The Sunseeker London Group, comments: 'It is an honour that the BBC has chosen to feature Sunseeker and we have been delighted to welcome camera crews into our world over the past year. We hope that the film will not only showcase this wonderful product but will enlighten an audience into a truly successful British brand that everyone should be proud of.'

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